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High Pressure Petrol Water Cleaner (3000PSI - Petrol)

High Pressure Petrol Water Cleaner (3000PSI - Petrol)


With its powerful 4- stroke engine, this machine removes dirt and grime without any hesitation from surfaces such as timber decking and driveways.

Range of hose lengths available depending on your job.


Additional petrol is also readily available.

  • Loads of pressure
  • Key start
  • Petrol powered
  • Requires just a garden hose
  • Handle and wheels for easy moving
  • Ideal for cleaning roofs and large areas
  • Add the ROTARY HEAD UNIT for faster cleaning - ($60 per day)




NOT SURE? Check out our quick guide to our range of high pressure water cleaning here 

  • 4Hr Rate


  • 24Hr Rate


  • 5 Day Rate


  • Rotary Head Cleaner

    $60 per day

    $240 per 5 days

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