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Dual Pressure Cleaner (2,200PSI)

Dual Pressure Cleaner (2,200PSI)


The DPC 2200 combines a pressure wand and rotary surface cleaner with 2200 psi pressure control in one machine, so you can complete cleaning jobs more quickly.



Weight: 40kgs

Dimensions (handle folded):    L 835mm (2ft 8in) x W 480mm (1ft 6in) x H 1030mm (3ft 4in)

Hose length: 10M (32ft 9in)
Sound level at handle: 80 dBa full load @3,600 rpm
Fuel tank capacity: 3.1L (Petrol)
Pressure range: 2200psi (fixed)
Rotary size: 450mm (18in)



NOT SURE? Check out our quick guide to our range of high pressure water cleaning here 

  • 4Hr Rate


  • 24Hr Rate


  • 5 Day Rate


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