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Rotary Head Surface Cleaner (Whirlaway)

Rotary Head Surface Cleaner (Whirlaway)


Easily and quickly clean large flat surfaces with this rotary head.

Used to remove deposits, algae, fuel oil & grease from flat surfaces such as driveways, drive through pads, boat ramps, tennis courts, roofs, pools, decks, walkways, factory floors, truck floors, fishing docks and loading docks. These surface cleaners are also ideal for cleaning off stubborn stains from asphalt & concrete surfaces and disinfection for the highest hygiene demands in saunas, bathrooms areas and the catering industry. The benefits of using these surface cleaners include, huge time savings, easy effortless work, substantially lower cost, visibly greater cleanliness, universally applicable, use with cold or hot water, circular design allows a zero wall clearance, and hover action which eliminates streaking and fatigue.



  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel Head Construction
  • Lightweight Aluminium Handle
  • Heavy Duty Brush
  • Hire with one of our petrol pressure washers 
  • Non-Marking 3" Swivel Castors


  • 24hr Rate


  • 5 Day Rate


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