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A Guide to Our Water Pressure Cleaners

When it cleans to water blasting we have a few high pressure cleaners to suit all your needs.

Here is a quick and easy distinction of our options and what kinds of uses suit each machine and accessory.

Lets start with the pressure cleaners themselves:

From left to right we have our 1600PSI Electric, 2200PSI Petrol and the 3000PSI Petrol at the end.

For domestic uses, both the Electric or 2200psi petrol work well and will fit in most cars. Both will provide around15lts of water per minute and are supplied with either a 10m or 20m hose and gun as standard. The 2200psi petrol machines have an easy to maneuver handle, which can be removed for transportation. Both of these are great all rounders for domestic and smaller industrial water cleaning applications.

For your larger industrial pressure cleaning jobs we'd recommend our 3000psi Petrol machine (the largest in our fleet) which will give out 17lts per minute. The machine will come with either a 10m or 20m hose and gun as standard and clean the toughest of dirt.

Next we have our Rotary head attachments, designed to connect to one of our water pressure cleaning machines above. These are great for cleaning large flat surfaces quickly and efficiently. Great for large driveways, sidewalks, tennis courts, garage floors, paved areas and more. We have a 450mm head available for use with our electric or 2200psi machines or a larger 500mm head for use with our 2200psi or 3000psi petrol machines.

Finally, we have our ALL IN ONE option, our 2200 psi Dual Pressure Cleaner which incorporates both a 2200psi water pressure cleaner with 10m hose and gun as well as a 450mm rotary surface cleaner. The handle folds down to assist with transport and makes this machine a great all-rounder for most domestic and smaller industrial uses.

And of course, if you have any questions about the right machine for your job, just speak with our team (bring photos if you can) and we'll be happy to help point you in the right direction!

Phone: 02 9521 5111

Location: 105 Bath Rd, Kirrawee

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