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Makinex Hand Grinder / Polisher

Makinex Hand Grinder / Polisher


This robust tool is your go-to for grinding, polishing, and finishing concrete surfaces, offering exceptional adaptability. Its ergonomic lightweight frame excels in leveling floors and edge grinding, delivering 2-in-1 capabilities.


The removable magnetic shroud ensures flawless edge grinding, while multi-directional frame casters enhance manoeuvrability. Experience varying speeds and a trigger lock, significantly reducing fatigue and the risk of manual handling injuries. CE certified and equipped with power-off and overloading protections, it's a reliable choice. The outlet port accommodates vacuum attachment, maintaining a clean environment and an easily adjustable telescopic frame, it guarantees comfort. Compatible with standard 180mm diamond or resin grinding discs, this tool effortlessly removes surface coatings like epoxy and paint from concrete floors.


Dust control: Includes a removable dust cover and vacuum outlet port. 


Diamond grinding discs are included with your machine hire, 1mm free of wear is included per day of hire. Excess usage above this is charged at $50 per mm. 


Concrete, greanite, glass and marble polishing pads are available at an additional cost subject to availability (from $15-$50 each pad). 

  • 4Hr


  • 24Hr


  • 5 Days


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