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Pruning Saw (Makita Battery Powered)

Pruning Saw (Makita Battery Powered)


The 18V Brushless 150mm pruning saw (DUC150) offers a lightweight, compact, and efficient solution for garden pruning tasks. It simplifies maintenance with its tool-less design, enabling easy chain replacement and tension adjustment via a large lever on the side of the tool. During operation, the DUC150 automatically lubricates the chain, reducing the risk of chain seizure during use. Safety is a top priority, as evident by several built-in features. The chain guard gradually widens as the chain cuts deeper into a branch, and the soft grip rear handle is equipped with a guard for additional protection. Furthermore, the DUC150 includes an electric brake that swiftly halts the chain once the trigger is released, ensuring user safety.


  • Lightweight and Compact - This chainsaw is lightweight, weighing just 2kg with a 6.0Ah battery.
  • Electric Brake - Once the trigger is released, the electric brake will rapidly stop chain rotation.
  • Moveable Guard - The chain guard will open gradually wider as the chain cuts deeper into a branch.
  • Automatic Chain Lubrication - The chain is automatically lubricated during operation, minimizing the chance of chain seizure during use.
  • Brushless Motor - The powerful brushless motor provides chain speeds of 8.0m/s.
  • Lock-Off Lever - The lock-off lever can be operated from either side, allowing the tool to be operated with the left or right hand.
  • Rear Handle Guard - For added protection, the soft grip rear handle is also fitted with a guard.
  • Tool-Less Chain Adjustment - Simply loosen and re-tighten the large lever to automatically adjust the saw chain tension.



Oil Tank Capacity55 ml
Chain Speed8.0 m/s
Guide Bar Length150 mm
Standard Chain0.325LP / 0.043
Overall Length383 mm
Weight1.4 kg
  • 4 Hours


  • 24 Hours


  • Batteries

    Each Hire includes:

    1 x saw,

    2 x batteries and

    1 x charging station

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