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Mulcher is ideal for larger mulching scenarios. Chips logs and branches up to 80 mm whilst the mulching hopper takes the leaves and smaller materials. The chipper hopper has built in anti- kick back. The CMS80T exceeds ADR and can be legally towed anywhere in Australia at a maximum speed of 80km/h. The CMS80 comes standard with a 45mm perforated screen and an optional 6mm, 9mm, 30mm screen for small material and a 62mm screen for larger material.


Suitable For:

Recycle garden prunings into mulch

Reduces tree prunings

Chip tree limbs

Garden waste reducing for compost or disposal



Length: 1.6 metres

Width: 950mm

Height: 1.36 metres

Weight: 195 kg 


  • Deposit

    Upon pick up a minimum $500 deposit payable by credit card is required. Upon return of the vehicle the difference between the hire amount and the deposit will be refunded. 


    (Please note this does not apply to trade account customers)

  • Half Day Rate


  • 24Hr Rate


  • 5 Day Hire


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