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Large Jackhammer (Hikoki H90SG)

Large Jackhammer (Hikoki H90SG)



  • Powerful 2000W motor which produces a full load impact rate of 1000(min-1)
  • High energy impact of 70 joules for the toughest jobs
  • User vibration protection (UVP) vibration absorbing handles and new internal damping structure
  • Ergonomic soft grip handles to reduce user fatigue
  • Designed for heavy demolition work
  • Ideal substitute for air operated compressor equipment where access is difficult


  • Bit shank: 28.5mm
  • Input power: 2000W
  • Full load impact rate: 1000 (min-1)
  • Joules: 70j
  • Weight: 32kg
  • Length: 860mm
  • Half Day Rate


  • Day Rate


  • 5 Day Rate


  • Resharpening Fees

    Any points or chisels will incur an additional resharpening fee of between $15-20 if used. 

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