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BlockSaw (20inch, Electric)

BlockSaw (20inch, Electric)

  • The 20″ diamond blade with 8″ cutting clearance allows you to breeze through concrete blocks and other masonry products in one clean cut.
  • The single or three phase electric motor provides the grunt you need in any location, even the most demanding work sites.
  • The enlarged sliding carriage provides a completely stable platform for large scale blocks, pavers or bricks to rest on while being cut.
  • Eliminate dust with the adjustable water supply valve.
  • The removable mitre guide allows you to consistently cut concrete blocks, pavers and bricks to any length or shape you require.
  • The detachable base provides neat transportation options on any ute, truck or van.
  • The galvanized stand and base combined with the zinc electroplated saw arm ensures the BT Block Saw repels rust and corrosion throughout many years of operation.
  • utilises a 15amp plug.
  • Single phase is best for concrete blocks and other similar material.

    Three phase best for concrete blocks and harder materials such as stone, rock etc.


  • Specifications:

  • Choice of 4kw 3 phase electric motor or 2.2kw 240 volt single phase electric motor
  • Suits 20” blade
  • Depth of cut: 200mm
  • Length of cut: 540mm
  • Dimensions

  • Length: 1300mm
  • Width: 700mm
  • Height: 1550mm
  • Weight: 143kg
  • Carriage Dimensions

  • Length: 360mm
  • Width: 570mm
  • 4Hr Rate


  • 24Hr Rate


  • 5 Day Rate


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