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Wallpaper Steamer

Wallpaper Steamer


]This professional steam wallpaper stripper that can remove wallpaper, vinyls, painted, multi-layered and even Artex. This unit is the first choice for the painter, decorator, designer or builder.


The Earlex Wallpaper Steamer is easy to use, simply fill the tank and once the heating element has warmed to the point of steaming, apply to the wall. The steam infiltrates the wallpaper to the old adhesive underneath loosening the wall covering from the wall. Most importantly, the machine requires no chemicals, only tap water.

The unit has a large but light weight steam plate. It also has a 2400W heating element allowing for 90 minutes of steam time. In addition the frame incorporates a step making it very user-friendly.

  • 4Hr Rate


  • 24Hr Rate


  • 5 Day Hire


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