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The Proppa is a robust steel prop head attachment designed to provide temporary support to masonry walls while lintels or beams are installed. No fasteners are required to hold the Proppa in place as it securely fits standard builder’s props with a top or head plate of 150mm x 150mm.


The Proppa has a coated finish for protection against corrosion. Proppa enables access to a wall from either side and supports both single skin and cavity brickwork. Once the Proppa is securely engaged with the wall, the masonry beneath can be safely removed. Proppa reduces labour costs and saves time because there is no need to line up props and needles. Because Proppas are designed to fit between brick courses there is no need to damage (and later repair) the brickwork above as would be the case if supporting needles/ beams were used as the temporary support system.


$14 per week hire. 


Also available for hire with our Acro Props. 

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