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Arbortech AllSaw (AS175) - Mortar Saw

Arbortech AllSaw (AS175) - Mortar Saw


The Arbortech Mortar saw is designed to perfectly cut through mortar for brick removal. 

The saw is supplied with one set of each (General purpose and plunge blades). General wear on these blades from soft mortar is included in your hire rate - additional wear to teeth on the blades will incur a replacement cost. 
If cutting through hard mortar, cement or brick please consider purchasing or using your own blades. 


General purpose blades cost $140

Max cutting depth: 115mm

Max cutting width: 7.2mm


Plunge blades replacement cost $115

Max cutting depth: 120mm

Max cutting width: 7mm


sAW Specifications:

  • No-Load Speed: 5100rpm
  • Power Output: 1400W
  • Weight (Skin): 4kg
  • 4Hr Rate


  • 24Hr Rate


  • 5 Day Rate


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