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Aluminium Scaffolding

Aluminium Scaffolding


Aluminium mobile scaffolding available in narrow (850mm) and wide (1350mm) x 2.5m (length).

Heights listed are to the top deck.

Pricing starts from $110, please see sizes for further pricing. 

  • Safety

    Scaffolding needs to be erected by a licenced scaffolder in accordance with Safe Work Australia and Manufacturer's instructions. 

  • 1.5M Tower

    Day Rate: $110

    \Week Rate: $220

  • 3m Tower

    Day Rate: $130

    Week Rate: $260

  • 4.5m Tower

    Day Rate: $150

    Week Rate: $300

  • 6m Tower

    Day Rate: $170

    Week Rate: $340

  • 7.5m Tower

    Day Rate: $190

    Week Rate: $380

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