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What to do with your Wet Carpet

Updated: Feb 12

There's nothing worse than flooding! So here's a quick guide on the steps you should take to dry it up quickly with as little damage as possible to your carpet:

Firstly you'll want to remove as much excess water as possible. In some situations towels may be enough, but if possible a Wet Vacuum is the best way to start off.

Next, to dry it out you'll want to blow as much air through the carpet to air it out without adding heat. The best way to do this is use a carpet blower (you may want a few depending on the size of your area), also referred to as a carpet snail for its shape. Heat may cause damage or shrink your carpet so these electric blowers blow room temperature only and are shaped specifically to focus the airflow along the top of your carpet or from underneath. If you are able to pull up small sections of your carpet to position the blower underneath to blow air directly through your carpet this will greatly improve the drying time of your carpet.

For faster and more thorough drying, an industrial Dehumidifier is a highly effective machine. This will draw any moisture out of a room through a discharge hose that can be positioned near your closest drain.

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