Backyard Washing

DIY Projects

We've got a wide selection of power tools, equipment and more to help you complete your jobs at home or on a job site efficiently and cost effectively! 


Hedge Trimmers

We have both standard hedge trimmers and hedge trimmers on a pole to make your landscaping the talk of the suburb! 

We're open 7 days so you can get these jobs done any time that suits

Refurbish your Timber Floors! 

Sanding back your timber floors can give your space a new lease on life.

Whether you want to simply re-stain or even out your flooring sanding can make a big difference! 

Hardwood Floor

Wet Carpet? 

To properly dry out and save your damp carpet we have everything you need! 

When pressure is applied to the carpet and water pooling occurs, your best bet is to use a Wet Vacuum first to remove the excess water. 

Next, you'll want to dry it out using a Carpet Blower, and finally using a Dehumidifier