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Drain Cleaning Equipment For Hire

If you have clogged drains, we have the equipment available to easily and quickly unblock them with little effort. Our hand drain rods are excellent for smaller and weaker blockages, and our electric eel drain cleaner is designed for those blockages tough to unclog by hand. We guarantee our tools are clean, safe and in perfect condition so you can quickly unblock the drains and sewers. They are perfect for both tradies and DIY in the Sydney area and beyond.

If you require any help in choosing or using the correct equipment for your specific needs, then do not hesitate to contact our professional staff who possess the experience and knowledge to help you.

Drain Cleaner Product on Special

No pain or frustration! This is ideal for anyone who cleans pipes, both handymen and plumbers alike. This simple yet effective tool is exactly what you need to clear any pipe with speed and ease. 

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Drain Pressure Cleaner Product on Special

Leave your jetter in the ute & extend your reach to 120m (60m on jetter & 60m on mini reel)

  • Stainless steel stand/handle
  • Integrated on/off valve that allows remote control of jetter
  • 60m of Redflex 3/16” sewer hose
  • Three nozzle holders
  • Pressure gauge
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Hand Drain Rods Product on Special

Drain rods are perfect for maintaining clean drainage systems or unblocking drains and sewers, with the simple male to female connections allowing for easy operation.  

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Drain Cleaner (Electric Eel) Product on Special

This electric powered auger can cut through and remove blockages which hand drain rods cannot remove. The different cutting attachments can easily unblock build up from tree roots and other objects with a push of a button.

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