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Oribtal Floor Sander (Finishing Sander)

Oribtal Floor Sander (Finishing Sander)


Able to tidy up any imperfections within timber flooring as well as prepare flooring for new vinyl or stain. This Finishing Floor Sander is a powerful orbital floor sander designed for the sanding and refinishing of all types of wood flooring and outdoor decking, including pre-finished parquet, plank and laminate flooring systems. It is also ideal for sanding between coats of floor finish where a high standard is required.


The new HTF-2 with added weight system is designed to optimise sanding performance via a simple weight system which adds up to 30kg of sanding pressure. It features a unique ‘peel and stick’ abrasive system - simply press the self-adhesive sanding sheet on to the machine’s sanding pad before use.


The HTF is ideal for screen and re-coat work of stained floors and manufactured lacquered floors where the integrity of the stain or finish must be maintained, and for effective sanding of many types of pressure treated decks.


240v electric motor

Sanding area - 400mm x 115mm


Available with disposable paper dust bags and sanding sheets at an additional cost.  

  • Half Day Rate


  • Day Rate


  • 5 Day Rate


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